Lapixela, a Los Angeles-based studio, is an international 3D visualization team, with extensive experience in producing cutting-edge, photo-realistic images, architectural renderings, and animations.

The group has established their work since 2006 and since then, they have had numerous successful achievements on many architectural design projects around the globe.

Their work is recognized as one of the leading 3D visualization practices for realizing the future of the built environment and has been published in architecture and design books, such as DAAB futuristic (visions of future living) and eVolo (skyscrapers book), as well as in various Art and Design magazines, some of which include the Journals of Design Bureau Chicago, Russia LeTabouret, PACE Malaysia, and many more.

Their great ability in creating photo-realistic digital renderings in its extreme quality made them distinguished, unforgettable, and essential for any architecture and design firm they have worked with so far. Showing clients a pleasant look at their project’s end result is a key to success for any firm to get better commission and be one step ahead of other competitor firms. Lapixela will be sure to make all of the hidden opportunities out there reachable for you with their unbeatable work quality.

For any inquiries, please contact:

Los Angeles office:

+1 (949) 812-8344



Toronto office:

+1 (647) 891-3276 (Ali Razavi)